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With friends like these

new-york-statue-liberte-face-bigWall Street Journal (Europe) June 21, 2006  With Friends Like These By Yves Roucaute The old Continent is wilting in the global war against terror, just as it did when faced off against fascism and then communism. When at today's summit with U.S. President George W. Bush the European Union will once again take its ally to task over Guantanamo, it will expose its own, not America's, most serious moral crisis of the post-Cold War era. A philosopher -- a French one no less -- can try to set the facts straight and offer some Cartesian good sense. Faced with dark forces that want to destroy our civilization, we might recall that the U.S. is not only
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Guantanamo Bay ‘Represents the Courage of the West’

Le Figaro, France Guantanamo Bay 'Represents the Courage of the West' By Yves Roucaute* Translated By Sandrine Ageorges June 7, 2006 France - Le Figaro - Original Article (French)   In the midst of a global war against terrorism, the "Guantanamo affair" is a serious issue. But rather than support those on the front lines of this new kind of war, being waged by barbaric forces against all of civilization, the poison of anti-Americanism is ruining the morale of our nations [Europe]. The prevalent anti-American propaganda orders us to turn our gaze toward Cuba. Not the actual Cuba, Castro's Cuba - who after having murdered over 100,000 Cubans over a half century, now rules through terror. Not Castro's infamous prisons, where several thousand political
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